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Adobe Photoshop SDK for Android, BlackBerry, iOS Developer

Adobe’s creative software maker wanted to make little by little with the tablet segment after a conflict with Flash technology by Apple. The company will extend the tools associated with Photoshop after the success of the mobile version of your photo manipulation program. So, Adobe has released Photoshop Touch SDK for developers to work on their own Android, BlackBerry and IOS application-oriented in addition to the desktop platform Mac OS and Windows.

The introduction coincided with the arrival of development kits into play Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 come year after five versions of the software package (May). The company wanted to reduce the level of updates to the suite, which usually ranges between 18 and 24 months and strengthen programs HTML5 and CSS3 standard.

In addition, Adobe today announced three new application with which you want to show the performance of your SDK. Nav is, Eazel and Color Wash. The snippets can quickly switch between devices or photo open, finger painting or converting tablets in a management tool and mixing colors. The three applications, specifically designed for the iPad will be available in early May through the App Store with prices ranging between $1.99 and $4.99.



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