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Amazon Kindle Works on Motorola XOOM Tablet

Amazon has been busy on the Android front. Quite busy considering the major toe-stepping of Amazon Cloud and the Amazon App Store for Android. Now the online retailer is going a little closer to its book-selling roots by releasing a new version of Kindle designed specifically for tablets.

The Amazon Kindle for Android app has been reformatted to make better use of the larger screens used for 7-10 inch screens. The change will be especially noticed when reading newspapers and magazines. The Kindle app has been redesigned to look better on larger screen sizes and mesh better wi the “unique interface of Honeycomb.” (Photos and images should also look better now.) There’s now a built-in dictionary should you feel t he need to look up a word, which is a feature that I’ve loved about my Barnes & Noble Nook.

Not to focus on the pretty, the Kindle app should also work better on the Motorola Xoom and other Honeycomb tablets. Kindle for Android now has a better store built into the app with recommendations and reviews included. That should make it easier to discover new books to read, as will the ability to pause and start downloads or see the German Amazon store. Update your app through the Android Market.



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