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FREE ezPDF Reader Limited Time (Amazon AppStore)

You can download free ezPDF Reader for Android which published on Amazon AppStore for limited time only.
Here's a description of ezPDF Reader:

Get convenient, hassle-free PDFs directly to your Android device with ezPDF Reader. A must-have mobile PDF viewer, ezPDF Reader is designed specifically for PDF documents. Clearly presented without the fluff, documents appear as they would on your PC, but customized to fit your mobile device’s screen. Fully featured and one of the best-rated PDF viewers out there, ezPDF Reader is updated regularly in order to add new features or to improve upon existing ones.

Customized Viewing:
Create folders and save all your PDF documents to your ezPDF Reader. That way you have the documents you need wherever you are. Forget printing out hard copies, just open ezPDF Reader and your document is ready for viewing. It’s that simple.

Gain quick snapshots of documents with the thumbnail view, making it easier to peruse entire documents, eliminating the need to flip through each page. A smart search feature lets you scan an entire document for specific text, while handy bookmarking capabilities further simplify document scanning.

Listen to Your Documents:
Need to finish reading a PDF document before you get to work, or simply dislike reading on your mobile device’s small screen? Select Voice Reading and ezPDF Reader reads the document for you while you drive or do other things. Voice Reading is available in English and Spanish.

Additional Features:
- Play embedded video and audio
- Text reflow with night mode
- Select text in PDF view
- Auto fit zoom
- Smart navigation
- Scroll lock
- Support trackball
- Live hyperlinks
- Open password-protected PDFs
- Bookmarking

Download ezPDF Reader for Android now



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