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Free Yellow Pages : With Local Business Search With Coupon Deals

YP Yellow Pages is yes… that big yellow book yet stuffed into your Android device, hyper local and packed with local deals! When you load up the app you’re greeted with convenient information and features at your finger tips such as weather & forecasts, quick access categories such as coffee, restaurants, movies, etc., and of course business search by typing or voice. Find near your location or change to where you’re going to be. YP Yellow Pages lists event by type in your vicnity like business & tech, dance and fairs. Plus it serves up deals, some even use QR codes to redeem. All of which can be saved as favorites in “My Stuff” area. For more convenience when you find or browse listings, there is detailed information including Click to Call, locate on Google Maps or use turn-by-turn directions, plus share on Facebook and Twitter.

Yellow Pages for Android is FREE.


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