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Justspotted - Check Celebrities Position Who Nearby You Now

JustSpotted Launches its Android App. Finding and meeting your idols just got a whole lot easier. In a move that will have fans in a frenzy, hyperventilating, and crying for joy Justspotted’s newly launched mobile app is taking the concept of finding and meeting celebrities to an exciting new level. Every teenage girls (and a few boys) dream of meeting Justin Bieber or any beloved high-flyer is now one step closer.

JustSpotted, the controversial and popular real-time celebrity spotting service, rolled out the Alpha version of its Android App today. The mobile application focuses on helping its users to meet their idols by sending a real-time mobile alert when a famous person is spotted near the user’s location.
Install and run the JustSpotted Android app and you will receive push notifications whenever a celebrity is spotted in your area. Check out the list of nearby spottings to see other spottings near you or click ‘everywhere’ to see the latest spottings world-wide. Click any spotting for more details.

JustSpotted has daily spottings in every major metropolitan area each day, thousands of worldwide and a database of over fifty thousand of your favorite stars including fashion, sports and technology. Find your favorite celebrities on JustSpotted.



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