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Use Android Camera as Computer Webcam to Start IM Chat

For webcam-less laptop owner, there's a new way to chat face to face, in other words, make video calling. If you have an android phone, DroidCam will bring virtual webcam to your laptop or PC. After installed inside your Android phone (e.g: LG Optimus One or 2X) also on your PC (DroidCam client), the app will automatically obtaining IP and port number, so, your computer can connect to the smartphone with this IP and port number (default: 4747).

If the IP shows, it's mean, the DroidCam can't work properly, you must find out yourself what exact problem occurs. After the devices connected, you can start to chat with your Instant Messenger app (e.g: Skype, YM, MSN) by using your phone's camera. DroidCam is works wirelessly over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Scan this barcode to get download link:

For more clearer instructions, you can visit the developer page


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