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AndroidLost - Help To Find Lost Phone

The private data that you carry around with yourself on your smartphone can really hurt you if your phone gets misplaced and lands in the wrong hands. AndroidLost is a free app for Android phones that, in combination with a web interface, allows you to remotely sound an alarm on or send a popup message to your misplaced Android phone from your computer, view your phone’s location on a map, lock it with a pin code of your choice, read its status (battery, temperature etc.), toggle WiFi and/or GPS, send SMS, read received SMS, forward incoming calls to a number of your choice, wipe your phone’s SD card or order it to execute a factory reset via web or SMS commands sent from another phone. The app is in beta as of this writing.

* read SMS inbox and sent
* wipe phone
* lock phone
* erase SD card
* locate by GPS or network
* start alarm
* send SMS from web page
* message popup
* forward calls
* remote install
* phone status: battery, imei, etc
* remote SMS alarm
* remote SMS lock and unlock
* start stop GPS
* start stop WIFI

The app does no polling to a server, so there is no extra battery usage.

Package Name com.androidlost


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