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Block User App Permissions With Permissions Denied

If you have root access on your Android device and feel the need to tighten the reigns on certain user apps (prevent social media apps from accessing contacts or GPS, for instance), Permissions Denied may be the answer you’re looking for. The freeware allows you to monitor, block, restore and back up permissions for all apps installed on your device. It even lets you block and enable each of its own permissions.

The interface is simple and easy to use. The app’s homescreen displays a list of all user apps, specifying the total number of permissions, number of active and disabled permissions and the package name for each. Tapping an app displays each of its permissions with a detailed description and its current status.

To toggle (activate/block) the status of a permission, simply select it, hit Menu and tap reboot. You will have to reboot from within Permissions Denied to apply the changes made to an app’s permissions.

From within the Advanced Options screen (Menu > Advanced Options) you can reactivate all blocked permissions (Restore All Permissions), permissions for selective apps (Fix Permissions), block/activate the permissions of the app itself (Master Control), backup existing and restore backed up permission statuses (Backup).

The app is available for free on the Android Market. if you’re feeling generous and would like to support the developer, you can buy the $2.99 (AOTW) donate version.

Package Name com.stericson.permissions



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