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Download Android Theme Launcher LW

This is an adorable Android Theme launcher. Each android have a unique movement on the rack and it is programmable to launch an application. There is a unique sound as well when you click on the mini Android.

After installing the Livewallpaper, you could set the application you want associated with it during the first launch. You may change the association from the configuration page by selecting the wallpaper editor. There are many more setting like transition, resize, color, visibility, rotation etc to customize the livewallpaper. To do so enter the livewallpaper setting/configuration page to find out more.

The live wallpaper includes animated icons for major applications and widgets for clock, battery level and gallery.

Each and every element, or rather, “skinlet” in the live wallpaper, from the icons to the displayed battery level, is customizable. From within the editor (Settings > Wallpaper Editor), you can resize, rotate, hide/unhide and add a color filter to any widget or icon, alter its opacity/transparency, animate it in one of four different ways and assign an app to it.

Download Android Theme Launcher LW


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