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Download AutoProxy APK Based on TransProxy

XDA member Moronig created AutoProxy APK based on the TransProxy app by daveba. In the words of the developer, it creates a transparent/intercepting proxy running on your device, and redirects web traffic through it, so other apps don’t have to be aware there is a proxy. All outgoing traffic is captured, formatted and transmitted through your network’s proxy. That means it works with other browsers, gmail and maps. The core of this app is the redsocks proxy redirector, and cntlm. Your device must be rooted and have an iptables binary with nat support.

What's new:

Version 0.1 [17.May.2011]:

* http, https, socks4, socks5, http(s) with ntlm auth supported
* Multiple proxy settings supported
* Auto connect to proxy. It will detect your network settings, and connect you automatically when the network is detected (Wifi and Mobile networks)
* Recognizes a network even through Access Points (APs) with different names
* ntlm support (not tested with Microsoft ISA or forefront) testers needed!
* Notifications when proxy is turned on (can be disabled in settings)
* New, shiny icon.

Version 0.2 [19.May.2011]:

* Fixed FC issues
* Added SSID/mobile network field in network list
* Added log option to redsocks (see updated faq)
* Back button from network list now returns to preferences

Version 0.24 [31.May.2011]:

* Fixed issue: Sometimes doesn't reconnect proxy when rebooting phone
* Fixed issue: Iptables fails when a hostname is used if the dns lookup returns more than one ip address
* Added option to disable log
* Improved log information, to help issue resolution.
* Added new redsocks binary, with better buffer support

Known issues:

Planned updates:

* Custom port forwarding
* Allow local network connecting to skip proxy
* Allow custom destination ip to skip proxy
* Proxy.PAC support (will only support basic scripts)
* Add NTLM support in same binary
* Support for manually setting Wifi network
* Update proxy edit page

Download AutoProxy APK



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