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Download MeCanto : Cloud Music App APK

MeCanto is an award-winning mobile music service that aggregates commercial and private digital music collections in the “cloud”, allowing music lovers to access and explore music anytime, everywhere.

Setting up MeCanto is as simple as creating an account on the MeCanto website and installing a client on the PC containing your music collection.
As soon as the client is installed, your entire music collection can be accessed through the website or on your mobile phone (using the mobile phone client and 3G/WiFi internet connectivity). MeCanto is using state of the art server technology in order to enable instant access to your music collection while your collection is being uploaded to the MeCanto servers. This way, users with big music collections can listen to their entire collection although it could take weeks for their entire collection to upload. You'll need to sign up to start using MeCanto.

Download MeCantoSetup.APK now from link above.


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