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Download ZLaunchy Keypad Dialer APK

ZLaunchy was written mainly for those who like the way HTC and other third party dialers allows searching for contacts in a T9-like way - so that finding Adam means choosing 2326 in the phone application. ZLaunchy uses the same idea to run programs on your device. What it does is gives you a dialer keypad and when you type in a series of digits, it searches for all programs that match - for example to start Internet, start typing 4683 - Internet should show up in the result list.

In order to search for a particular text as beginning of words, type the specified digits - for example 4683 to find Internet. In order to search for specified letter(s) not only at beginning of words, add "1" at the end - for example 7371 will find Opera

This application is free of charge for personal and commercial use .
Thee authors of the application are not responsible for any potential damages this might cause to your device and/or battery. Use at your own risk.

Download ZLaunchy APK now!


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