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Get SMS/Phone call/Gmail/Facebook/Twitter Notifications in a Bubble Live Wallpaper

Android has an excellent notifications system right out of the box over iPhone. But how about getting notifications in a more cool way right on your homescreen rather than pulling out the notifications tray. Get notifications in a floating Bubble on homescreen!

Notification Bubbles is a lightweight live wallpaper which turns your home screen to a usable interactive wallpaper. You get a new bubble each time you receive a sms/mms or miss a phone call If you have a picture attached to the number the picture will be attached to the bubble. Tap, pop, the bubble and the phone log or the sms conversation opens. You can also have a couple of empty bubbles floating around which you can pop for your own fun.

Now even support Facebook notifications! To enable facebook notifications: go into Bubble -> settings and select “Facebook login/logout” and log in with your facebook account.

Also to make Notification Bubbles more cool you can choose the most desirable background, first set a background of your choice and then select the bubble live wallpaper. The bubble will then float around on your selected background.

Get SMS/Phone call/Gmail/Facebook/Twitter notifications in a Bubble!

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Download Live Wallpaper Bubble Notification APK File.


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