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MobileNavigator Features Updated (supports Honeycomb)

Mobile navigation service/app provider NAVIGON updated its Android application – MobileNavigator. There are few cool improvements included in this release, including:

* Android tablet support – MobileNavigator now sings along tablets running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The application is optimized for higher display resolution, “providing clear and crisp map views.”
* Clever parking – The feature which is said to take the guesswork out of finding a parking space. When approaching a destination, a “P” icon appears in the app’s map view. By tapping it, drivers can see a list of available nearby parking options along with distance information.
* Weather Live – Displays real-time weather updates, including temperature and weather conditions.
* Destination information screen – Provides a summary of important destination information, such as where to eat, stay, purchase gas or shop before arriving to the destination.
* Improved route planning – Which allows to plan out a trip ahead of time, with the option to enter up to 50 destinations for a route and save routes for later use.

In addition, there are other smaller enhancements included in MobileNavigator 3.6 like manual map zoom (using a two-finger pinch), display of street names in 3D mode, App2SD (so you can store about 50% of the app’s memory to an SD card), auto-off GPS (turns off GPS when the app is running in the background) and a direct web link to NAVIGON’s Android FAQ site.

The latest update is available free for existing MobileNavigator Android users. Those of you who don’t have it on your Android devices, can download the app with the $20 discount, which is good until May 26.

MobileNavigator USA ($39.95 – normally $59.95) [Android Market link]


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