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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Attain Pics

The AT&T variant of the SGII, or Samsung Attain, seems to have made its first appearance recently on Samsung Singapore’s Facebook page. The picture in question was posted as a “Samsung GALAXY S II Desktop Dock.” As you can see in the shot above, an AT&T logo is present on the device nestled in the docking station. While the slim Android smartphone highly resembles that of the recently released Samsung Infuse 4G, Chuong Nguyen from GottaBeMobile was quick to point out a subtle difference with the power button. On the device pictured here, the power logo is in front of the button and closer to the screen, whereas it’s further back on the Infuse 4G. If the picture is, in fact, legit, then it also confirms that at least one US Galaxy S II device will feature a different button layout compared to the original. We’ll keep you posted as more of this story develops.



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