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Download Dolphin HD 6.0 APK - BETA

The Dolphin Browser dev team has released a beta for the newest version of their acclaimed Android browser comes with fresh feature called Webzine.
This feature will display website in feed format. It extract images and texts into separate parts like what iPad Flipboard has. Webzine on Dolphin HD 6.0 will ease for us to know the excerpt or snippet of certain website, so we can decide to visit or not.
The current version only includes Facebook and Twitter Webzines. Support for more websites will be included in future updates.
If you want to test the beta version of Dolphin Browser HD 6.0, you can download from Android Market.

What makes Dolphin better than others?
✓ Add-ons
Do customize your own browser, and make your browser look and function the way you want.

✓ Gestures
Use gestures for easy navigation while surfing the Internet. You can draw any pattern for any sites & actions.

✓ Unlimited Tabs
Enjoy desktop class web browsing experience. Create as many tabs as you need, quickly switch between opened web pages and open links in new tabs.

✓ Manage Bookmarks
Dolphin excels bookmark management. Add bookmarks, create multiple nested folders.

✓ Bookmark Favorite Web Pages
You can add your favorite web pages to the bookmarks. Open a new tab and quickly navigate to any preferred web site.

✓ Save Web Pages
You can save web pages to read them offline with all images preserved.

✓ Find on Page
Easily find a word on the web page. Work great for long articles.

✓ Turn on Desktop Browsing
You can set Dolphin to browse desktop versions of the web sites.

✓ Stay Private
Enabling private mode will stop the browser from remembering history.

✓ Colorful theme pack
Decorate your own browser with the color you want.

✓ Your Mother Tongue supported
16 languages supported, eliminate the strangeness on other languages.

Package Name : com.dolphin.browser.webzine
Download Dolphin HD 6.0 APK (beta) from this link at


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