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Download Free Glow Hockey 2 Pro for Android (Today)

Glow Hockey 2 Pro places the classic game of air hockey on your Android device with colorful graphics to go along with a fully customizable game table. Choose from a vast collection of designs for your game's background with Original, Version 2, Doodle, Traffic, Table Hockey, Hot Chilli, Greenfield, Shining Blue, Jewel, and Soccer. Easy to pick up and play for anyone, this air hockey simulator is difficult to master against the higher tiered computer competitors and will really test your reaction speed. Get the arcade air hockey experience that you love on your mobile device, no quarters necessary.
Simple Controls

Your finger controls the paddle to make for smooth and responsive gameplay. Particles will fly each time the puck makes contact with anything and the table will glow each time a corner or side is hit. Use your finger to drag the paddle around the table, slamming the puck into the sides of the table in search of a favorable bounce.

If you're playing a single player match against the computer, you'll naturally drag your finger across the screen to control your paddle. You won't be allowed into enemy territory, as the game's standard rules prevent your penetration with a wall barrier if you try to venture outside of your zone. Playing a two player match on one screen requires a respect for boundaries. Each player will control their respective side of the screen without going over the center line to avoid any motion mishaps.

Classic Gameplay, Unique Designs

Take on the Championship mode as you compete against the computer's challenging AI. This mode offers three saved game spots and has a never-ending supply of levels so you can see how long you can last. Try out a faster, single game in 1 Player mode. Here, you'll being by selecting the difficulty from easy to insane. The computer is more forgiving when playing an easy match and will give you more time to react to the puck, with slower and more predictable movements. The insane difficulty puts you on the table against a relentless opponent that's always attacking and watching your every move. Scoring a goal at all against this level of AI can feel like a win itself.

Glow Hockey 2 Pro for Android Features:

* 2 Player mode on the same device
* Championship mode
* Quick play with 4 difficulty levels
* 10 air hockey table themes
* Customizable paddles and pucks

Download Free Glow Hockey 2 Pro for Android from Amazon AppStore Today.


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