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Download Free Nano Panda Android Game

Nano Panda is a fluffy puzzle game with plenty of creative physics challenges exploring electromagnetism and gravitation with a sweet cartoony visual style, cute characters (even the badguys) and a catchy soundtrack. The magnetic pull really is unique and brings new energy to the genre. Pandas are shrunk down to nano size in order to destroy evil atoms that have infiltrated a science lab. Use the magnetic powers of two or more pandas in order to grab all the stars and destroy all unruly atomic particles.

Nando Panda for Android is free today through the Amazon Appstore. It’s a popular puzzle game based on physics and magnetic gameplay. Check out the description, features, and gameplay video below.


Simple and addictive gameplay
Every level is a new physics puzzle
Hours of gameplay
New devices to discover
64 unique levels to complete
4 wicked chapters to unlock, collecting stars
OpenFeint Achievements
Compatible with Game Center
Stunning HD graphics and great soundtrack

Download Nano Panda for Android (Today)



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