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Download Overclock Android Tool to Increase Speed to Get Fast Performance

Make your device blazing fast and save battery life by using this user friendly app! You can overclock to increase speeds or underclock to save battery life. Set custom profiles to increase performance to the max. Droid Overclock also includes tons of extra tweaks and hacks to make your device truly your own. As shown on and other popular android news sites it is the user-friendly and easy way to fully customize your device.

* Root Required *

☆ Change cpu scaling settings (i.e. setcpu)
☆ Set cpu profiles with Screen off, battery percentage, temperature, screen on, charging usb, charging ac, changing/full.
☆ Gorgeous widget with battery temp & cpu info
☆ increase speeds (overclock) or save battery life (underclock)
☆ Select scaling frequencies on the fly for supported phones
☆ Full overclock customization (set freq. and @ boot)
☆ Sexy and customizable UI
☆ Temperature notification options
☆ Voltage calculator
☆ Advanced settings (sysctl config, sampling rate, up threshold, other kernel tweaks)

Extras for all devices:

☆ Froyo apps2sd
☆ Ad blocker
☆ Free memory
☆ Build Property edits
☆ clear market search history
☆ clear cache
☆ Move cache to sdcard
☆ reboot, reboot recovery, power-down
☆ fix permissions
☆ lcd density
and more +++

There are 3 main features to Droid Overclock. They are as follows:

1) Control CPU: Set min/max frequencies, enable custom profiles (battery temp, screen on, screen off, charging. battery percentage, etc.), set scaling governor, etc.

2) Set frequencies on the fly: This feature is used mostly for devices where flashing a custom kernel is not possible because of the locked bootloader. Your device must be supported to use this feature (see list below). Other phones can still overclock by flashing custom kernels!

3) Extras tweaks: froyo apps2sd, ad blocker, lcd density, fix permission, manage cache, build.prop edits, etc.

Devices supported by module:

(read below for other devices)
Droid X
Droid 2
Milestone 2
Galaxy Beam
Galaxy A
Archos A70 Tablet
Archos A101 Tablet

If you don't have one of the above devices it does not mean you can't overclock/underclock!! Most devices can still overclock or underclock by simply flashing a custom kernel. You can then use Droid Overclock to control CPU and setup custom profiles. Controlling CPU and setting up profiles is the greatest benefit to Droid Overclock and will increase your performance immensely.

This app will work on pretty much any rooted device. Xoom and other tablets included. UI updates for tablets are planned.

Quick Troubleshooting:

If for some reason the download hangs go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Market -> click "clear data" -> reboot your phone and then try the download again.

If you are rooted but receive an error saying you need root try going into Superuser -> click "Droid Overclock" -> click "forget" and re-open the app

Note: Original Droid users must have the stock 4 slot kernel for the module to work. Support for more kernels may come later.

Recent changes:

☆ Added new 1x4 widget
Includes battery, current cpu, refresh button, more
☆ changed app name, Android Overclock!
☆ Fixed cpu sliders not showing correct freq
☆ Redid all of the extra features
☆ Moved advanced settings from settings to Extras
☆ ROM, system, kernel info in Extras
☆ Added languages for german, spanish, french, italian, hebrew, japanese, portuguese, chinese & more!
☆ Quicker loading time
☆ Show/hide settings & other options based on phone
☆ A ton of optimization and code changes

tags: root, overclock, underclock, jrummy, xeudoxus, lcd density, cache, setcpu, cpu, rom, manager, widget, ad block, apps2sd, build.prop, memory, battery life, profiles, cpu manager, speed, fast, quick, clock

Package Name : com.jrummy.droidx.overclock
Download Android Overclock from Android Market


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