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Download Skype 2 Video Feature APK

It was only yesterday that Skype 2 with video became available on a certain number of devices. This has caused our hacking community to wonder why the good people at Skype are doing this. So, in the spirit of our beloved community, the app was cracked open and much to our surprise, an array containing the names of the devices in which the app would be usable was found. Needless to say, once the culprit for preventing things from happening was found, it took only a few more minutes to prepare a fix for the app, so that the desired video calling would work on other devices as well. Courtesy of XDA moderator and Recognized Developer pulser_g2, we now have a working version of Skype 2 on the Samsung Galaxy S 2. According to the dev, the app should work on other devices as well. I can personally confirm that it works over 3G on the EVO 4G.
Download Android Skype 2 APK for Samsung Galaxy S2 HTC EVO 4G. You can use Skype 2 calling over 3G connection.

Filename : skype_2_0_0_45-signed.apk
Description: VillainROM brings you Skype with video supported on other devices.



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