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Hack : Run Linux Ubuntu on Galaxy Tab 10.1 Using Tabuntu

For those of you Ubuntu lovers out there, if you did pick up a Galaxy Tab 10.1, did you know you can run a Ubuntu OS running side by side along with your Android tablet?

Max Lee from Galaxy Tab Hacks has put up a video demonstrating his technomancy prowess, bringing a rather smooth running Ubuntu OS to the new tablet.

Well, this has been done many times on other Android smartphones before but certainly the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a perfect device to put Ubuntu, let me introduce you to “Tabuntu”.

What we are doing here isn’t replacing Android OS completely but Ubuntu runs in the background “chrooted” or like a virtual machine.

Now it’s not actually loaded onto the Tab, as it’s running via local VNC, but the results are impressive nonetheless. Max does mention that he’s got some work to do, as the ctrl key doesn’t function properly and he plans to replace Firefox with Chromium due to memory constraints. That said, if you’re wanting to scope this out for yourself and possibly try it, click in after the break for a video of the magic in action and a link to the instructions to do so yourself.

talkandroid | galaxytabhacks


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