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Regina 3D 0.9.8 APK Launched Updated With Smoother Performance

Still remember Regina 3D Launcher? Regina 3D is a dynamic 3D effects home replacements app for Android phone and we have introduced this great app to you at the first day it released to android market. Before, i think that most users might not consider adopting Regina Launcher as their primary home app yet because previous released version of Regina 3D Launcher is not so stable and and a little slower in performance.

Now, Regina 3D Launcher was updated to version 0.9.80 and available free download from Android market. This updated Regina 3D Launcher fix or improve a lot of function and performance, including,

(enhance) Faster initialization on boot

(fix) Invisible problem after screen unlock on some devices such as XT800W

(fix) Infinite reinitialization

(fix) F/C on scrolling application list by indicator

(fix) F/C on initializing

(fix) Freeze on initializing

Regina 3D Launcher shows much promise with its opulent 3D interface and an assortment of new, handy features that takes homescreen customization to a new level. Regina 3D Launcher interface design looks quite amazing and is, in itself, quite a lot of fun to play with. Swipe across the screen to switch between multiple homescreens. The slower you swipe, the more “3D” the inter-screen transitions become. Swipe slow enough, and the launcher arranges all your homescreens in a 3D homescreen browser. Besides this, you also can download Regina 3D Launcher themes and set it on your Regina 3D Launcher.

Overall, Regina 3D Launcher version 0.9.80 has been tested to run quite smoothly and i think that it can give you enjoy and experience great 3D UI on your android Phones.

Download Regina 3D Launcher 0.9.80 Apk

Download Regina Launcher from Android Market



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