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[VIDEO] NVIDIA's Kal-El Quad-Core Android Demoed

NVIDIA updated the public with the progress of Project Kal-El, their next generation Tegra chipset slated to arrive for Android smartphones and tablets later this year. According to NVIDIA, “Kal-El combines a battery-friendly, powerhouse of a quad-core processor with a 12-core NVIDIA GPU that supports 3D stereo.” In the video below, they show off the future of Android gaming with a demo of a game called Glowball. The game is played on Android 3.0 Honeycomb and the results are amazing, especially when comparing quad-core to dual-core performance. Even more impressive is that we can actually expect a boost in speed once the super chip is finalized. It already seems to run as smooth as butter, so any improvements would be a bonus. The presentation speaks for itself, but if you’d like a clearer explanation, check out the description below the clip. ShadowGun anybody?


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