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Winamp Updated : ShoutCast for Eclair Devices

Winamp is easily becoming one of the best stock music player replacements for Android and it proves just that with its latest update. There are now more than four million Android users with Winamp installed and if Nullsoft keeps delivering the goods like this, it stands to gain a lot more.

Here’s a list of the new features:

* Additional Free Music – listen to the newest releases with Full CD Listening Party
* SHOUTcast now available on most Android 2.1 (Eclair) devices
* Streaming playback now powered by a new native Winamp media engine
* Updated SHOUTcast Featured Station List
* New Languages: Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese

The latest version of Winamp may not be the biggest update, but we certainly can’t complain with more free music and the many other features that we love about the application. One of our favorite features that the guys over at Nullsoft have implemented that many other have yet to is Google’s Voice Actions, which allows you to listen to the song or artist you’re looking for with your voice. This isn’t a new feature for Winamp, as it’s been available for a while now, but its helpful indeed.

We love Winamp and what it brings to the tablet but there’s one problem now: Google’s updated Android music player is pretty awesome now and has never looked better. With the introduction of Google Music, those who have received invites likely have switched back to Android’s player to take advantage of the service.

Winamp still has a lot going for it with the many features it brings and its unique Now Playing slider that allows you to access the song that’s currently playing from anywhere. As it stands today, Winamp is still one of the best music players for Android and will only continue to get better with future updates.


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