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WP7Lock App Brings WP7 LockScreen UI on Android

While Windows Phone 7 may not be the most developer friendly platform out in the open these days, there are certain aspects of it that still call out to people’s curiosity and attention in general. The Metro UI has been constantly criticized and acclaimed by many as it appeals and somehow manages to repulse people at the same time. I guess Microsoft should have codenamed Windows Phone 7 as “Paradox.” For those of you in the “I like it” side of the spectrum, but that are sporting an Android device, you should be happy to learn about the fact that there are several elements from this UI that have been copied with uncanny resemblance on Android. The latest addition to this group includes the lockscreen, which instead of simply dragging an object, you drag the whole thing when you swipe your finger across the screen, much like a bed sheet. XDA member lucas.scott is responsible for bringing this piece of WP7 to us Android users in an attempt to bridge the gap in between the two platforms.

The app is currently located in the market with a lite version that has some customization options disabled.

WP7 lock aims to bring something to Android that truly no one else has . Our take on the minimal , yet effective lock screen that can be found on WP7 devices .

This a lite version . Some customization has been disabled . Consider this work in beta form , but should still be quite stable .

Package Name : id=com.futuredreams.wp7.lockscreen

Download WP7LockScreen


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