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Download Baseball Superstars II apk

GAMEVIL, a leading mobile game developer, announced that the latest version of Baseball Superstars II is now available for free APK or download on Android Market. This sport games is a full-featured baseball game for Android devices, with seven different modes to satisfy all types of users: My League, Season, Exhibition, Homerun Race, Tournament, Mission and Match Mode.

As with the other games in the series, Baseball Superstars II incorporates a heavy anime influence with lots of over-the-top characters and effects. It’s a theme that’s most obvious when viewing the various special characters who would never be allowed to play in a real game. The controls are fairly straight-forward and easy to come to grips with, and series veterans will probably enjoy the much-improved pitching controls that do away with the in-air adjustment arrows and instead use a few simple timed screen taps.

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Download Baseball Superstars II game apk.


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