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Download BetterBatteryStats 0.5.0 APK

BetterBatteryStats is a replacement for the missing Wakelock stats in Gingerbread. Wakelocks are an important aspect when it comes to finding rogue apps / battery drainers so I decided to replace that missing part. BetterBatteryStats is of course no battery drainer itself (remember the theory about changing the conditions when measuring?). In order to achieve that BetterBatteryStats relies on the non-public API of Android's battery service (details on this weill be made available shortly).

Even if designed to fill a blank in Gingerbread BetterBatteryStats runs under Froyo.

- v0.5.0: Added "Other Usage" stats
- v0.4.0: Added preferences for default selection, removed Network Usage due to non resolved issue #1
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Feature requests
[done in v0.5.0] [lexluthor] Add "other usage" from the Froyo stats
[thebeardedchild] the stat types "last" and "current" are not self explaining and should be renamed. Interesting would be a stat since powered up
[thebeardedchild] a graphical representation of the stats would be helpful
[f_padia] display the actual process/package name rather than the long name given? E.g. I see the highest wake lock on my phone is something called 'SyncManagerHandleSyncAlarm' but I have no idea what this is.

Known issues
[nobnut] Network stats do not show network usage for all apps/processes on Gingerbread (works on Froyo). Because of this issue this stat was removed till further notice

Download BetterBatteryStats APK.



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