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Download Firefox 6 APK (BETA)

Now you can download the beta version of Firefox also known as fennec. The mobile version of Firefox now comes in ver6.0. You mau get the APK file on the following link below this article. Here are some news :

What's New in Firefox Beta for Android
The latest version of Firefox Beta for Android has the following changes:
Getting you to the web faster
Creating a better web experience
Important improvements "under the hood" and new technology features
More bug fixes and enhancements

What's New with Add-ons
There are now over 160 add-ons for Firefox for mobile, and counting. Nearly 100 add-ons are already compatible with our latest browser version. Thanks to our awesome community, the number of exciting compatible add-ons increases constantly.

What's New for Developers
Now is the time to extend your reach and build a new awesome add-on, or to make your mobile add-ons compatible with Firefox for Android. Find all the tools and resources you need on the Mozilla Developer Network.

Firefox Beta for Android supports:

IPv6 on Android
"overflow: scroll" and "overflow: auto" CSS properties
Restartless Add-ons
HTML5 online/offline events
...and much more.

Package Name : org.mozilla.firefox_beta
Download Firefox 6 beta apk or download from Android Market.


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