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Download Free Game Emulators on SlideMe

SlideMe provides some useful Android emulator application that you can not find on any other places, especially on Android Market. All of these emulators were previously available on the Android Market before Google removed them a few months back. The free emulators include: Nesoid for the original Nintendo, SNesoid for Super Nintendo, Gensoid for Sega Gensis, Gameboid for GameBoy Advance, GBCoid for GameBoy and GameBoy color, Gearoid for Sega Game Gear and Master System, and Ataroid for the old school Atari-2600. However, the most impressive out of his batch of emulators, N64oid for Nintendo 64 gaming, is not free and still carries its price tag of $3.99. Head over to SlideMe to learn more about them.

Download some free Android game emulators from here


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