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Download Psychoban APK

Psychoban game, one of iPhones popular games is now available download from Android market for free. Psychoban brings you a deeper concept in puzzle gaming, drawing from proven classics such as Sokoban to create a unique and immersive experience!
The game opens with in a hospital ward with you under the direction of a mad scientist after having gone through a “procedure”. You are walked through the basics of the game. If you’ve ever played Sokoban, you’ll be pretty familiar with the gameplay. The goal is to move blocks to their proper locations.
There are several techniques and implications in getting your crates to the goal(s), however. For example, since you control a human, you have to be behind (or beside, based on your angle) the block to push it. This is especially important considering that when you push a block down from a ledge, it will land either in a complete corner or with one of its sides facing the wall. Several levels utilize a stacking technique which has you pushing blocks on top of each other either as to form a bridge, reach a height, or even to remove a block from your way. Metal crates are a common gimmick for most of the game, and they are used primarily as scapegoats to get the switch activating blocks to a certain point. An undo feature saves you from that constant “restart level” threat we all fear. As simple as it is, it proves to be rather amusing when mixed with the 3D landscape.

Package Name : com.dedalord.psychoban
Download Psychoban APK


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