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Download SpaceCat 3D for Android

Overview SpaceCat 3D game: Did you know which are the favorite toys of cats on space? Flying saucers! Even better, chasing mice while flying around! They are the only ones that can go into the narrow spaces and capture the SpaceRats, an evolved species that keeps annoying the crew of the spaceships.

Exactly, it may not be easy, but cats are provided with expert training on the SpaceCat facility. Every kitty deserves a chance to pilot a spaceship.

Do you have what it takes to drive your Spaceship along the SpaceCat training deck?
Dodge walls, avoid lasers, pilot through narrow passages, catch the floating mice and more.

== Highly Customizable ==

You can personalize your cat, there are more than ten cats to choose from, just go and see how cute they are. Look for the cat that fulfills your needs!

There are also five different spaceship models, and a lot of themes. Whatever your preferences are, there is an option for that.

* Missing the hippie years? There is a design for that
* Always wanted to be a taxi driver in New New York?. There is a design for that.
* USA, Red Army, Camo, Pink & Purple, Red Baron... There is a design for that.

And if there is something you miss, just mail us. We are planning to extend our catalog of spaceships in next releases.

You can unlock these extra items using PillCoins, get them for free referring people (or being referred), you can also get them using PayPal.

Even more, PillCoins are shared among all our games (ok, just SpaceCat and Chalk Ball Lite for now, but more coming).

== Something more ==

* 3 levels of difficulty to make it as challenging as you want.
* Feels like is not a real lander? Try the realistic control.
* We recommend a minimum hardware of Motorola Droid, Nexus One, Galaxy S or HTC Desire.
* The game can run in low-end devices like the G1 or HTC Magic only with low quality. It is a lot less shiny but it is playable.
* For low end devices, touching the screen can slow down the gameplay, alternatively you can use the menu button to thrust.
* The search button makes a screenshot of the game (in /sdcard/spacecat), just in case you want to show how cute your cat is with his spaceship. I know, you have never figured this out.
* 3D engine: jPCT-AE
* Sound effects from The Freesound Project (
* Achievements and more levels will be added in the next release.

Because the world will be a better place with more cats in flying saucers.
Package Name : com.thepilltree.spacecat
Download SpaceCat 3D from Android Market freely.


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