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How to Use AirPlay on Android

Using the free DoubleTwist app and a $4.99 add-on called AirSync, Android phones and tablets can now be used to stream video and audio straight to an Apple TV in a similar way to how it interacts with DLNA-enabled hardware such as the Xbox 360. This app is the answer of AirPlay app that can stream video from iPhone to other Mac devices.

The application works as advertised and was simple to configure, as it only required one checkbox to enable the AirPlay streaming. Just like on my iPad 2, tapping a single button during music or video playback shoots media content to the AppleTV. Both the Android device and AppleTV must be on the same Wi-Fi network for the process to work. Video playback is smooth, and the sound quality of music files is quite good — no different from what I can tell when using an iPad or iPod touch.

If you don’t own an Apple TV though, you can also stream your content to a Mac using the AirServer app.



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