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Music Player for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Only few applications available on market which supporting Android 3.0 if we compare with prior OS version, especially for music player apps.
If you have a tablet device using Honeycomb such like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Hive Player is will be good choice.
This music player app has been optimized for your Honeycomb tablet like SGT 10.1.


* Scrollable widget with music collection navigation (Albums, Artists, All Songs, Playlists, Genres), shuffle, pause/play next and previous.
* Widget and Player sync with each other - view an album in the widget, then in the player the same album is loaded. Every navigation and song play is synced to each other - even when only the widget or player is running, load the other and it will sync on startup.
* Play and navigate music library using just the widget - player doesn't even need to be loaded or running.
* Navigate back through navigation steps using back button on player or widget - uses the standard Android back button on Honeycomb.
* Albums, Artists, All Songs, Playlists, Genres are displayed on the left and player controls on the right.
* Multi-Select playlist additions - build a playlist as it should be done, not one song at a time - add multiple albums, artists, genres, songs and even current playlists to a playlist.
* Duplicates are filtered out when adding to playlists.
* Search with playlist additions - search and keep searching as you build the ultimate playlist. Search appears over player.

Hive Player available in two version, Lite and Pro. While Pro version costs $2, you may try Lite version before buy the Pro.


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