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Watch DVD’s On Android With Subtitles

If you own an Android phone which can handle 720p movies, and want to be able to watch some of your DVD’s on your phone but not sure of the best way to do this, check out XDA forum member mafiapanda‘s tutorial.
You’ll need the Handbrake DVD ripper software, a USB data cable, enough memory on your device and mVideoPlayer (free player available on the Market).
The tutorial also covers adding subtitles – a simple case of grabbing the subtitles from a repository and placing them in the same folder as your mp4, with the exact same name as the mp4 that you have created.

How To Watch DVD’s On Your Android With Subtitles

STEP 1: What do i need?
-An Android phone which can handle 720P movies.

Handbrake, a DVD ripper which can be found here:

-A usb data cable.
-Enough memory on your phone, around 500MB-1000MB per movie.
-mVideoPlayer which can be found on Android Market for free.

STEP 2: Rip your DVD!
Open up HandBrake, and click on the arrow, next to "source"
Choose your DVD and let it load.
Handbrake already have MP4 as standard format, which we are going to use so choose your destinations folder, and pick a simple name without spaces.
Now start the process and let it load, this might take a while.

STEP 3: What about subtitles?
Now, if you need subtitles for your movie, it's no problem!
Just grab your subtitles from a site like
And place them in the same folder as your MP4, with the exact same name as the MP4 you just created.

STEP 4: Placing it on your phone!

First of all, plug in your phone to your computer, and go to the root of the SD card. Find or create a folder called "video" place both MP4 and the subtitles in that folder.

When it's done, unplug the USB.

STEP 5: Playing it on your phone!
Goto mVideoPlayer which you downloaded from the market, and click on the refresh button on the top of the app!
Your movie should then show up, with "subtitles: yes" If it does, try to play it and see how it goes!
If it works, yay! enjoy a movie on your phone!

-If you have any trouble read this:

I do not see the movie in the app!
Click on "refresh" button at the top!
There is no subtitles!
Make sure the subtitles and the movie has the same name!
My video is green, and blurry and extreamly laggy:
Well, i ripped around 10 dvd's and 2 of them had this problem, i goggled it and i read it was some copy protection, i'm not sure exactly what it is, but if you know it please tell me.
My ripping didn't worked!
Well, not all videos can be ripped using this method, try another DVD, if that works' you got the problem.



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