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Download Bit64 Emulator for Android

Bit64 is the N64 emulator optimized for Android. It is a port of Mupen64plus, along with Ari64's ARM dynarec and gles2N64.

- Run most games smoothly at reasonable speed with sound. This requires you have a high-end device (Nexus-S, Galaxy-S, Xoom, etc).
- Save/load game states at ANY points, as well as in-game save support. Save files are fully compatible with Mupen64plus on PC.
- A configurable, translucent on-screen keypad that is very easy to use.
- Key mappings to map game keys to hardware buttons.
- Generic joystick/gamepad support on Android 3.1 and above.
- Option to use the G-sensor as the analog stick.
- A variety of settings that you can tune on your needs.

The 'Read phone state' permission is for fetching ADs.

*LEGAL*: This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Nintendo Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries. All trademarks are property of their respective holders. All individual games screen shots or audio that are simulated by this product are property of their respective copyright holders and are only used for the purpose of informing the customer of the software's functionality.

- Mupen64plus team
- Ari64 for his excellent ARM dynarec
- gles2N64 project team
- Yongzh's port to Android

Package Name : com.bitemu.bit64
Download Bit64 from Android Market


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