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Download sgmsdmm3.apk - MicroSD Mounter for XOOM

OverView the app: MicroSD Mounter for XOOM HC 3.2 ROOT Users (Read/Write!)

sgmsdmm3.apk is app to re-mount the microSD card as read/write for rooted Motorola XOOM Honeycomb 3.2 users. This app simply dismounts and remounts the microSD card in its "stock" location as read/write. Optionally, you can also add a mount point to /sdcard/external (which is friendlier for some apps).

NOTE: This app is still under development, use of this app is at your own risk. The app will forcefully dismount/remount the sdcard, so any active access to the sdcard is affected, and under extreme cases can result in data loss.

Download sgmsdmm3.apk



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