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Download UberMusic 1.0 APK

You can now taste the music player called UberMusic on your Android device phone and tablet. The final version of UberMusic is now 1.0. You can download UberMusic APK 1.0 from the barcode below after the break.

Version 1.0:

* Changed the default skin to something cleaner that uses text-based tab widget instead of icons. You can still use the old skin by downloading "Classic UberMusic Skin" from the Android Market (link)
* Added a live wallpaper that will show album art from your collection and rotate it periodically.
* Added a 4x3 widget.
* You can now set different skins for the the user interface and app widgets.
* Added index headers to the "Folders" tab.
* Added an option to trigger a system re-scan of the SD card.
* Added an option to force the user interface to be displayed in English regardless of your device's language. (Might not work in all devices)
* Changed it so that unplugging the headset will pause the music even if headset controls is disabled.
* Fixed a bug where the music wouldn't automatically pause when receiving incoming calls on certain phones.
* Fixed a bug in the widget where the previous album art would stick if the current track had no album art.
* Fixed a bug with the "Keep screen on" option not working properly.

Download UberMusic 1.0 APK


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