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Download Wizz Widget APK

Honeycomb’s UI is nice and smooth (particularly after it was updated to 3.2). However, due to compqtibility issues, there are many widgets that we are used to that just flat out don’t work. Moreover, there aren”t too many decent or useful widgets designed for this OS. Well, if you were praying for a good widget suite, take a look at what XDA member SnowBEE has exactly what you were longing for. The new Wizz suite will give your empty 10 inch home screens that extra bit of functionality that you miss from your mobile handset. The widget’s functionality range from social oriented such as Twitter to your personal office type such as email widgets as well as others.

Wizz is a powerful collection of android widgets that provide useful widget
for fast access importance data and social media status on your tablet home screen.
There are widgets in Wizz
✓ Facebook
✓ Facebook Stack
✓ Twitter
✓ Twitter Stack
✓ Agenda
✓ Agenda Month View
✓ Calendar
✓ Google Reader
✓ Google Reader Stack
✓ TimeLine (Facebook & Twitter)

-Use two fingers swipe from top to bottom to close facebook & greader screen

Package Name : com.snowbee.colorize.hd
Download Wizz Widget APK from XDA forum here.
Download Wizz Widget from Android Market



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