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Call Blocker Gold - Block Incoming Calls & SMS

Control incoming text & phone calls and restrict outgoing calls. You decide

Free Features:
• Black & White call filter
• Block Incoming phone calls & SMS
• Pattern match like 1800*
• Restrict Outgoing calls
• Hung up, silence or send to voice mail

Enhanced Features:
• Call Forwarding
• Group entries by time and day
• Auto-reply to blocked text messages
• Password protected
• Read deleted messages

Call Forwarding
It allows you to forward all incoming phone calls to a given number you specify. If you combine this feature with the groups you can indicate for instance to forward calls on a given day and time of the week and the app will enable/disable the call blocking at the proper time indicated by the group.

Mute first ring
keeps the phone ring muted all the time except when an incoming non-blocked call comes

Block calls during meetings
You can customize via filters during which meetings in your Google calendar should the Call Blocker app block incoming calls

Block incoming text messages
Uses the same rules specified for incoming calls to prevent SMS messages from being saved (Note: to prevent SMS notifications you should disable notifications from your Messaging app)

Automatic notification of incoming missed calls
An icon on the notifications area will show up when an incoming non-blocked call is either missed, or manually hung up. When you click on the icon, the app gives you the option of blocking it.

Choose among different blocking options
Hang up will literally hung up the call and prevent caller from leaving a voicemail; silence phone will mute the call and the caller could leave a voicemail (if you have it active); send to voicemail will immediately take the caller to your voicemail.

Add full or partial numbers or names
For instance if you want to block all 1800 numbers, simply enter 1800; or if you want to block all calls from an agency that shows up in you caller id as ‘collectors’, you can block it by entering this name manually in your blocked calls list.

Add entries from different sources
Including your users, your call history, specific days and time, or manual entry

App widget
Place an app Widget in your home screen to turn on or off the call blocker

Call history
Shows blocked text messages and phone calls

Multiple personalization options in preferences section


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