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Direct TV Brings HBO Go & MAX Go to Android, iPhone

DirecTV said it will be launching an online way to watch HBO and MAX content online and the company said that this will eventually be coming to the iPhone and Android.

The HBO GO and MAX GO services will give DirecTV subscrubers online access to shows from these channels and the iOS and Android versions will be coming by the end of the year. It’s unclear if the mobile apps will just stream these shows or if you’ll be able to actually download DRM’d content to watch on the go like you can with the U-Verse app.

“The addition of HBO GO and MAX GO is the next step in bringing quality video content to our customers anytime, anywhere,” said Derek Chang, executive vice president, Content Strategy and Development, DirecTV, in a prepared statement. “Giving our customers the opportunity to experience their favorite programming, no matter where they are, truly enhances their overall viewing experience and helps them get the most out of the content they subscribe to.”

We’re moving to a brave new world of TV anywhere, so we can’t wait for this to hit. We’ll have more information on this as soon as we get a chance to check out the apps.



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