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Download MIUI ROM Downloader Version 1.2.1

Want to keep an update of the MIUI ROM on your Android device. XDA member MishFdM has made it possible by unveiling an App which allows you to keep your favorite ROM up to date by directly downloading it through this easy app. An update to [App] MIUI Downloader version 1.2.1 rolls in added support for the Samsung Nexus S, Motorola Droid 1 and fixes to some image issues.

Moreover the update lets user update your ROM in recovery mode after downloading the deoexed roms and launguage packs directly from your SD Card.

An official note read:

Keep up-to-date your MIUI rom in a fast and easy way, browse the latest releases of the MIUI rom and download directly on your phone the last version with you preferred language.
Who use MIUI know how much difficult is to stay up-to-date to the last version of this fantastic rom due to the weekly updates and differents language packs. This app allow you to download the last MIUI Rom version directly on your phone with additional packages like Language Packs and google apps.

Download MIUI ROM Downloader Version 1.2.1 [here]



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