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ClayStone - New 3D HomeScreen Replacement for Android

What is unique about this home screen replacement is a 3D user interface with embedded viewers for video, photos, file browsing, web browser, YouTube, contacts and more. The UI was designed for browsing content while you are viewing content.

To take full advantage of the screen Claystone has two other viewing modes-- full view (a large 3D viewing mode) and full screen view. Switching between viewing modes is as easy as touching a toggle button.

The software is now under development and we are posting a beta version, so please let us know if you find any bugs or have suggestions or feature requests.

Feature Summary

- Android 2.1 and higher home screen replacement
- Smart phone optimized
- 3D interface taking advantage of OpenGL
- Integrated media viewer apps for video, file browser, YouTube, web browser, photos, contacts, RSS Reader, with more to come…
- Viewer apps bring functionality to the home screen and extending what you can do directly from your home screen in Android
- Claystone reduces the dependence on starting separate app for each media content type and our goal is to provide a more convenient and integrated experience

Getting Started Tips

- Use the swipe left-right gesture to move through the stacked 3D panels
- The following items on the Home panel allow integrated viewing of content in the 3D interface: YouTube, Video, Photos, Contacts, File Browser, Web Browser (on the LaunchBar)
- Use the press-and-hold gesture throughout Claystone to access additional functions and options

Beta 2 Now Available (15 Apr 2011)

- Beta 2 is now available and attached to this post

What is New in Beta 2?

- Android Market, Messaging, Email, Settings, Favorites added to the home panel
- Changed the default viewing mode to make better use of the smart phone screen real estate
- LaunchBar revised to ensure phone and SMS apps launch on all Android devices
- Bug fixes and user experience enhancements for video payback within Claystone (fixed a variety of OpenGL video texture bugs)
- Added "Favorites" to the home panel for one touch access to shortcuts, Apps, RSS feeds, web links etc.
- Added sample RSS Feeds to the home menu (these can be fully customized)
- Enhanced how the thumbnails for panes are rendered
- Numerous bug fixes to improve overall performance and stability

What is Coming in Beta 3

- A more consistent Android Widget user experience
- UI refresh to improve overall Android consistency

Download ClayStone APK



Claystone { May 2, 2011 at 7:41 AM }
We just launched Claystone (Beta) on Android Market. Get the latest updates on Android Market.

**Coming Soon** - We continue to enhance the home screen and launch bar functionality, in particular, drag-and-drop will supported in future updates

- Widgets and shortcuts can now be combined together in customizable panels offering a familiar Android user experience
- Lock button was added to the header of some panels to allow queue-up multiple content items
- An option was added to the menu button options to close all the panels in a stack with one click

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