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Paltalk on Android (Download Link)

Paltalk, the real-time video-based community with over 70 million downloads, is going for the growing number of Android users. Available as a free download from the Android Market, the new application — which BTW is also available for BlackBerry and iPhone devices — allows users to join existing chat rooms, view multiple simultaneous video streams within the rooms, participate in group chats via text and chat one-on-one via IM or SMS.

In a nutshell, if you’ve been using Paltalk on your computer, you’ll definitely want to access it while on the go, as well. To do that simply click on an appropriate link below and take it from there.

In the other Paltalk news, the company announced the development of video publishing capabilities for version 2.0 of its apps as well as app compatibility with the soon to be released Blackberry Playbook. A new release for iOS will also be available early in the second quarter.


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