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Droid Messenger : Email2SMS Service

Today, this morning exactly, I installed one application which available on Android Market.
I admit, this application appear accidentally and unexpectedly when I attempted to search 'PC SMS Gateway'. I wish I can have an SMS Gateway for my Android device (Samsung Galaxy 5), but after install and use Droid Messenger, moreover when I signup and login to my Droid Messenger account, this service is so amazing. Beside we can send SMS from the website, also members can send SMS to Email and vice versa.

Droid Messenger Features:

* Use the web client to wirelessly send and receive texts from your Android Phone
* SMS to Email gateway, get your texts forwarded to any email address
* Email to SMS, send texts wirelessly from your email
* Sync your contacts to the web so you can see who sent you texts
* Available for free on the Android Market

To use DroidMessenger is easy, just search "Droid Messenger" on Android device, install it, register new account, that's it. FYI, this application is not free SMS service, it charge SMS fee as what your SMS operator did. Moreover, for SMS2Email, you should upgrade to premium account.


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