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ZodTTD - PSX4Droid 3.0.0 PS Emulator (APK)

For temporary, you won't find PSX4Droid on Android Market due to removal of this app by Google. Here's a complete statement of ZodTTD about PSX4Droid app:

Why am I self publishing psx4droid? The takedown notice Google received from Sony was a bit too successful. Sony pointed out to Google I was using a trademarked logo of theirs in my app’s icon. Google immediately took down all versions of psx4droid with no way of communicating to them that I will comply with Sony’s request. By suspending indefinitely the app IDs I use for these products, it left all my customers stranded as I would have no way of honoring their previous purchase if I upload a new version within the Android Market developer’s backend. An eight month old top app on Market gets pulled without any communication to Google possible.

So earlier today, about a week into this mess, I get notice from Google that my Android Market account and Google Checkout account have been suspended indefinitely. Now I’m no longer able to publish to Market at all. All due to an app icon I was about to change to be compliant.

If someone reading knows someone within Google able to restore my Market account, I’d like to hear from you! Please write me via my contact page and I’ll get in touch. Thanks in advance.

In the meantime, I’m exploring 3rd party markets and I have decided to make psx4droid free, based it on the open source software PCSX-ReARMed by Notaz, and made it compliant.

You can download the psx4droid 3.0.0 APK installer package right here:

Developers interested in seeing the source that drives psx4droid, libpsx, can be found here:

What’s new in psx4droid 3.0.0? Well it’s based on a different emulator, PCSX-ReARMed. It has a better dynarec (cpu emulation technique) and lands up being much faster in general. It’s using a software GPU for graphics rendering, though I have an OpenGL ES 1.1 GPU made. OpenGL ES 1.1 is hit or miss for this type of rendering on Android devices. Many of these high end devices have slow Adreno 100 GPUs. So soft GPU is the way to go for now, especially with some improvements to come.

psx4droid 3.0.0 should have great compatibility, better performance, though it may be a lil rough around the edges when it comes to the settings panel. If you notice a force close in it, it’s bound to be fixed coming up.

Note that all save states previous to 3.0.0 are no longer compatible. If you have quick saves, be sure to turn OFF quick load before running games in 3.0.0. You should save over the quick saves or delete them before turning back on quick load.

Wish I could put this up on Android Market. In the meantime this will just have to due.



Download PSXDroid 3.0.0 APK :


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