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Download Firefox 5.0 Beta APK

With Firefox Beta 5 for Android (APK file)you can enjoy your favorite features like Sync, Add-ons and the Awesome Screen, while being one of the first to use brand new features and functionality that will be in the upcoming stable release of Firefox for mobile.

From the Welcome page in Firefox Beta, tap on "Give Feedback" to report issues or provide your ideas so that we can make Firefox for Android awesome.

Firefox Beta is compatible with a wide range of devices, however some older devices are currently not supported. Check for a list of supported devices.

firefox 5 beta apk download

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What's New:
Added Do Not Track option to Preferences, enabling you to tell sites if you prefer to opt-out of online behavioral tracking
Smoother panning and CSS3 Animations
Speed improvements, especially pertaining to page load and on 3G networks
Important bug fixes including compatibility with SwiftKey

Download Firefox Beta 5.0 APK.


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