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Download TTPod Music Player 2.0 APK (Beta)

Everyday sounds is a powerful, completely free phone music player software, this software support android lyrics and pictures to download songs, simple user-friendly operation, bringing a whole new experience listening to music phones, music is essential Muzhiyizu Play instruments, made excellent music player, the latest version of G faithful to share!

Update V2.0 Beta
1. Support the refresh music library and playlists to the specified folder to add songs, that where the sweep where!
2. We have skin, and then have a single interface for engaging a cloud! Heavy attack skin function!
3. The new horizontal screen mode, simple style!
4. New Spectrum interface, audio-visual effect is even more outstanding!
5. The list of songs new right-button menu, the conventional operation clean sweep!
6. Lyrics lyrics page, drag the play progress adjustable, advance and retreat by me!
7. New recommendations every day, and more exciting all in one!
8. New Lyrics adjustment methods, regulation is more convenient!
9. The list drag the slider to increase fast, easy program to the list "means" set position!
10. To increase feedback, word graph error and other functions, service users, we have been very carefully!

Download TTPod Music Player 2.0 APK (beta).


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