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The Integration Between Sprint and Google Voice

Sprint brings Google Voice integration to their network and handsets. Two ways to bring Google Voice to your Sprint mobile phone:

Option 1: Keep your Sprint number: Your Sprint number becomes your Google Voice number so that when people call your Sprint mobile number, it rings all the phones you want.
Option 2: Replace your Sprint number with your Google Voice number: All calls made and texts sent from your Sprint phone will display your Google Voice number.

When you enable Google Voice on your Sprint phone, you’ll get:

- One Number for all your phones Pick the phones you want to ring (home, work, etc.) when your Sprint number is dialed, so you’ll never miss a call.
- Online Voicemail Check your messages by phone, email, or on the web and keep it for as long as you’d like. Plus, your messages will be converted into text and sent to you via text message or email.
- Customization & control Create and assign personalized voicemail greetings based on who’s calling you, block unwanted callers, mark telemarketers as spam make international calls at our very low rates.
- Google Voice replaces Sprint voicemail and international calls made from the Sprint phone will be connected by Google Voice.


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