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Upload Multiple Photos & Videos to Facebook Quickly With Speedy Uploader

Uploading photos from Android to Facebook isn’t always the best experience. Sure, the official Facebook app is fine if you just have to share one or two images, but have you ever tried to upload an entire night’s worth of photos? It’s not fun and there must be an easier way. (Of course there’s an easier way; this is Android we’re talking about.)

Speedy Uploader is an Android app (2.0.1 and higher) that uploads multiple photos or videos to Facebook at the same time. Rather than go through a one-by-one process of the Facebook Android app, Speedy Uploader selects a batch and then handles the rest. Users can select to upload to their personal accounts (or Facebook Pages that they administer) and even specify which album the images should be stored.

Sending photos easily is thanks enough, but Speedy Uploader can also provide Captions and Tags information. The app even has a Manage Photos or Videos tabs that allows users to tag, caption, or edit any media in your Facebook albums. Throw in the ability to rotate images, Share to other apps, view the News Feed, and even post status updates, Speedy Uploader can even be considered a basic replacement for the Facebook app. (I consider it more of a companion, however, because the official app has more features).


* Upload multiple photos or videos to Facebook
* Tag friends and add captions to uploaded or existing media
* Upload photos to Facebook pages in which you are an administer
* View, comment, like, or post status updates




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