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Download Free Yumsters! for Android Today

Introducing Yumsters! Cleaner than a puppy and with more personality than a goldfish, settle them into your phone and embark on an epic journey around the world. These adorable, boredom-killing creatures dwell in holes in the ground and possess an insatiable appetite. They are ravenously crazy about fruit, and they can't get enough of it. They each have the potential to be champions in the world fruit-eating cup! This global fruit-munching contest awaits the hungriest team of Yumsters, and it's your job to gather the most righteous eaters from different countries and create the winning team. Be advised, Yumsters can only eat fruit of a matching color.

Nom, Nom, Nom...

Ready to feed the Yumsters? Start in Egypt and travel the world, unlocking each new place as you go. Drag each Yumster from its hole to lead it to matching fruits. Be careful though, they can't eat if their wriggly little stretch bodies cross paths! Lead them to eat all the fruit they can. You can switch holes to make it easier for them to reach their proper fruit. Get more than one fruit at a time and win extra points!

This game offers expert advice along the way, follow it faithfully or opt to hide it for a challenge. Use the superpowers and bonuses you collect along the way. Featuring 64 colorful levels, get to know a host of Yumsters with their own unique personalities and attributes.

Things to Look Out For

You wouldn't eat fruit with a bug on it, would you? Let's hope not, so don't make your Yumsters eat fruit with insects on them. Even butterflies are bugs. Frozen fruit is also no good to them, so get them to their dinners before the frost does.

Yumsters are available to feed and adore in seven different languages. A worldwide score table really does bring the world fruit-eating cup close to home, so make your mark on the Yumster's world.

Download Free Yumsters! for Android from Amazon AppStore.


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